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The Mechanical Practice Group of “FirstLaw P. C." is well known for its ability to enhance the values of the clients’ IP assets so as to meet the expectation and needs of the clients in a wide variety of technology areas including general mechanics, mechatronics, mechanical components, machine automotives, measurement instruments, control devices, medical equipments, electronic apparatus, chemical reactors, nuclear power generators, transportation machineries, and so on.

Our Mechanical Practice Group is proud to have patent attorneys and specialists who have earned advanced technical degrees at the nation’s highly respected universities and acquired in-depth field experiences in highly reputed companies. Armed with such practical experiences and expertise, members of the Group are involved in preparing applications for IP registrations, providing consulting services to the clients from the initial stages through application and post-application procedures, and offering well-reasoned practical sloutions to the clients regarding the IP portfolio management, infringement analysis, validity assessments, enforcement of rights, design modifications and alternatives for “designing around.”