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Needless to say, effective and timely protection of valuable technologies is vital to maintaining the competitive edge and business success. On the other hand, failure to defend against an IP enforcement action may cause severe damages to the reputation and also lead to a complete closedown of business.

Further, today’s IP-related disputes occur not only in a single jurisdiction but in multinational fora simultaneously. Successful management of an IP dispute, whether on a national level or international arena, requires assistance from professionals armed with in-depth knowledge and sufficient experience in domestic and international laws/regulations and practices as well as profound understanding of relevant technologies. “FirstLaw P. C." is, in particular, poised to provide such invaluable legal services to the clients thanks to its uniquely qualified professionals and successful track records.

“FirstLaw P. C." boasts rich professional expertise drawn from accumulated experiences and successes, especially in establishing landmark decisions and precedents not only in Korea but also in major foreign jurisdictions as well. In addition, “FirstLaw P. C." has further broadened the dimension of its legal expertise and capability to handle sophisticated and complex IP litigations. In July 2013, FirstLaw P. C. established a partnership with FirstLaw International, which enabled the firm to provide our clients with optimized legal services through prompt decision-making and diverse cooperation. Through this partnership, our clients benefited by acquiring greater access to attorneys experienced in working in premier Korean law firms and who have a greater depth of knowledge across a wider range of industries and technologies.

Major services associated with IP disputes are as follows:
- Freedom of operation analysis, patent validity investigation, preparing/sending warning letters and
   responding to such letters, and filing civil and criminal complaints for IP infringement, trade secret
   misappropriation, etc.
- IP-related trials
ㆍ Inter partes trials, including IP invalidation tirals, invalidation of corrections, invalidation of
    extension of terms, scope confirmation trials
ㆍEx partes trials, including IP correction trials, cancellation of registrations, challenge against final
    rejections, invalidation of amendment rejections, appeal against amendment rejections
- IP-related litigations
ㆍIP infringement actions before civil and criminal courts
ㆍIP invalidation actions before the Patent Court and the Supreme Court
ㆍRepresentation of clients before the Customs Office in connection with the border enforcement
ㆍAppearance before the International Trade Commission in connection with the ITC procedure