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It is always desirable and prudent to carry out prior art search and analysis as to the validity of IPRs, their scopes, and the freedom of operation prior to making investments for the development of technologies and construction of manufacturing facilities.

To perform such tasks, “FirstLaw P. C." is possessed with professional groups that have the expertise in the relevant technical fields as well as the relevant laws and practices on a worldwide basis. Such preventive services provided by “FirstLaw P. C." have served the clients well in avoiding costly litigious confrontation as well as winning trials and litigations.

The importance of technology transfers and licensing is highly appreciated in the modern society where different technologies are frequently crossed and converged. Based on a thorough analysis and understanding of the clients’ business needs, “FirstLaw P. C." strives to offer superior legal services that facilitate technology transfers.

Major services regarding the search, analysis, technology transfer, and licensing are as follows:
- Prior art search and infringement analysis
- Analysis of IPR scopes, validity analysis of IPRs, analysis of likelihood of infringement
- Technology evaluations, technology transfer/licensing agreements